Tuesday, December 29, 2009

PAM268 Panerai Radiomir 8 Days

The third Radiomir wristwatch that Panerai produced with an in-house movement is the Panerai PAM268. The white gold PAM200 and the platinum PAM201 were the first two Radiomirs with a P.2002 based movement - both are special editions from 2005. In my personal opinion, the 268 is one of the nicest Radiomirs that Panerai produces. But if the number of posts on watch boards about a watch is an indication of its popularity, then this particular Radiomir must be one of the most underrated Panerai watches.

Panerai PAM286 Radiomir 8 Days
Panerai PAM268 Radiomir 8 Days

There is much information to be found regarding the Luminor 1950 PAM233 - which has a similar (P.2002 based) hand wound mechanical Manifattura movement and a power reserve of 8 days. Information about the 268 however is scarce. It's quite odd, especially if you consider how good looking, functional and unique this watch is. Panerai produced only 400 units in the J-series (2007) and 600 units in the K-series (2008). To my knowledge, the watch is currently still in production.

Panerai PAM286 Radiomir 8 Days
Click the photos for a larger version

There are of course other Radiomir watches with an 8-day power reserve. The discontinued PAM190 is one example, but the two hardly compare. The 190 has a modified JLC movement (OP XIV), no date and no power reserve indication on the dial. The JLC movement is undoubtedly one of the finest movements around - but the P.2002 can easily compete and what's more, it's really Panerai - which does make it more interesting to me.

Panerai PAM286 Radiomir 8 Days and the PAM233
Panerai PAM268 and the PAM233 on the right

Both the 233 and the 268 have the horizontal power reserve indicator on the dial and both watches have a date function, sadly without a quick date change function. Besides the lack of the GMT function that is available on the PAM233, there is one other difference between the P.2002/3 movement used in the PAM268 and the P.2002/1 movement that's used in the PAM233 being that the P.2002/3 does not have a seconds reset function.

Panerai PAM286 Radiomir 8 Days and the PAM233
Case backs of the PAM268 and PAM233

The most obvious visual difference between the 268 and the 233 is of course the case. A Radiomir case with an onion shaped screw in crown, versus a Luminor case with the distinctive Panerai crown guard. Again, if posts about watches on the watch boards are an indication, it seems that the Luminor case Panerai watches are generally more popular than the Radiomir case watches. Perhaps it's because of the crown guard on the Luminors which is so typical for Panerai. Other important differences between the 268 and 233 are that the 233 has a domed crystal - which the 268 does not have - and the so called cyclops (magnifying lens) above the date at the nine o'clock position on the 268.

268 crown with Panerai OP logo
Detail showing the OP (Officine Panerai) logo on the crown and the "cyclops"

The straps on the 268 in these photos are after market straps (blue alligator by ABP and tan strap by Justin Chen). The original strap that comes with the watch is a black alligator strap with Panerai personalised steel large-size buckle.

A comparison

The table below shows an overview of the most noticeable differences and similarities.

case diameter45mm Radiomir44mm 1950's Luminor
case finishpolished stainless steelbrushed stainless steel
crystal1.9mm flat2.0mm domed
date magnificationcyclopsnone
GMTno24 hour
second resetnoyes
dial typeSandwich, no 3 or 9Sandwich, no 3 or 9
dial paintLuminovaLuminova
water resistance100m100m
case backsee through sapphire crystalsee through sapphire crystal
strap attachmentremovable wire loopslugs
strap width26mm24mm
strap changing1.4mm screwsnew push button mechanism
crownonion shaped screw incrown guard push down
movementin-house P.2002/3in-house P.2002/1
power reserve8 days8 days
power reserve indicatorhorizontal on dialhorizontal on dial

Panerai PAM286 Radiomir 8 Days

More photos of the 268 can be found on paneristipix.com.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Panerai photos in Slaets Magazine

A nice article about Panerai appeared in this month's Slaets Magazine. The article is mainly about the P.9000 models but it also touches the history of the brand. Two of my Panerai photos were used. I took these photos in June this year (2009).

Panerai photos in Slaets Magazine
Panerai PAM320 in Slaets magazine

The small inset on the second page of the article (below) shows the models PAM312, PAM320 and PAM321 next to each other.

Panerai photos in Slaets Magazine
PAM312, PAM320 and PAM321

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite All Black

The (to me) most interesting new releases from Linde Werdelin are the additions to the current SpidoLite family of wristwatches. There are three new versions; the SA Rose Gold version (with black DLC details), the SA version and the SA All Black version (pictures). The cases are constructed out of grade 5 titanium - the only type of titanium that should be used for wristwatches in my personal opinion. The All Black version has a DLC (Diamond Carbon Like) coating that is highly scratch resistant.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite All Black
Linde Werdelin SpidoLite All Black

All the SpidoLites have a skeletonized case, as well as a skeleton dial that partially shows the modified Andersen Genève movement - an automatic movement from the 1970's. Not necessarily a better choice, but surely a more interesting one than for instance the ETA based workhorses that you can find in many other watches - high end ones included. All three versions of the watch have a crystal case back so that you can see the engraved rotor in action.

The case has of course that very distinct Linde Werdelin shape with its angles and openings that allow you to attach the unique LW instruments. For instance the sea/dive instrument "The Reef" and the land/ski instrument "The Rock".

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite All Black
Linde Werdelin SpidoLite - click photos for a larger version

The All Black (DLC-ed) version has blue hour, minute and seconds hands that give the watch an even more unique look. I had the watch for a couple of days so that I could shoot the photos that you can see in this post. I have uploaded 24 pictures in total of this watch to the paneristipix.com photo database.

Each Linde Werdelin watch is linked to special art work, a sort of action figure. The SpidoLites are linked to a "cat woman" like figure as shown in the below photo. The way LW are marketing their products is as refreshing as the design of their watches.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite All Black
SpidoLite artwork

The Rose Gold and All Black come as a special edition of 88 units. The SA version is a special edition watch of only 44 units. The watches come with a tapering Spido crocodile strap.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite All Black - paneristipix.com
More photos are available on paneristipix.com

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Straps by Jason & Sharon

Most Panerai strap makers are passionate Panerai collectors that started out making straps for their own watches as a hobby. Liang Yu Chang - better known as Jason amongst Paneristi - is no exception to this rule. He was introduced to the brand by his friend and well known strap maker Ted Su in 2003. Inspired by Ted's straps, Jason started to make his own straps in 2005.

PAM243 Jason & Sharon Panerai straps
Panerai PAM243

Sharon thought that Jason should start selling his straps and with the improvements suggested by their first local customers in Singapore - they now make good quality and affordable straps for customers all over the world. The quality of the leather is great - sourced from a tannery in Italy with 3rd generation experience. The alligator and crocodile hides are from a local (Singapore) tannery that also supply to Prada and Hermes.

PAM2 Jason & Sharon Panerai straps
Panerai 2A

Jason asked me to shoot a few photos for the Jason & Sharon website - which I did this weekend. I'm not done yet but I've uploaded the first results (21 photos) to paneristipix.com.

Buckles Jason & Sharon Panerai straps
Click the photos for a larger version

I have to say that I had never seen any of their straps in person before, but the quality looks great. The leather has a nice grain, it's quite soft to the touch and the stitching is flawless. Seems to me that the balance between price and quality is excellent.

Buckles Jason & Sharon Panerai straps

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Swedish "Gustav" ammo strap by Kevin Rogers

Strap maker Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers
Many third party strap makers have their own line of ammo straps for Panerai watches. Kevin Rogers (with BigB from watches24seven.com) is probably one of the most famous strap makers and the only one that "legally" has the right to use the term - as they are the ones that trade-marked the name ammo strap. I don't think that anyone using the term for their own straps will get into problems, but it's an interesting fact nonetheless.

The name ammo strap is used for straps that are made from the leather of old ammo pouches. Having straps made from very old leather - with a history - is what makes these straps unique. Some straps are made from leather that may be well over 60 years old.
Ammo straps usually have a very unique look and feel. And smell. I'm not joking, you can sometimes even smell the gun powder.

"Gustav" ammo

I recently received a new strap from Kevin for my Fiddy (PAM127). The leather that was used for this particular strap is called Swedish Gustav ammo referring to the Swedish K/Carl Gustav M45 submachine gun - a "weapon of choice for SEALS in Vietnam" back in the late 1960's (more information on www.philaord.com).

Kevin Rogers Gustav ammo strap on PAM127 aka Panerai Fiddy
Swedish ammo by Kevin shown on Panerai 127 aka Fiddy

I particularly liked the darker color and the structure/grain of this leather. The specs of this strap are akin to the specs of the vintage Panerai straps. Long, widely spaced holes and a straight vintage style buckle (photo below). I was lucky that the strap fits my wrist the way it is, because I would hate having to punch another hole.

Kevin Rogers Gustav ammo strap on PAM127 aka Panerai Fiddy
Vintage style straight buckle

You can order Kevin's straps from the watches24seven.com website.

Kevin Rogers Gustav ammo strap on PAM127 aka Panerai Fiddy
2002 SE Panerai PAM127/Fiddy

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pre-Vendome Panerai PVD steel 202/A

In 1993 Officine Panerai produced a series of watches for the normal consumer market (Panerai had been producing instruments for the navy since 1860). These watches were produced and sold before Vendome acquired the company in March 1997. For this reason, these particular models are often referred to as "Pre-Vendome" or "pre-V" watches. Any of these Pre-V watches are now hard to find and considered to be collectible. Asking prices have gone through the roof, which is especially true for certain watches - the PVD steel Panerai 202/A is one of them.

Panerai PVD steel Pre-Vendome 202/A
Pre-Vendome Panerai 202/A

The top part of the dial - underneath the 12 - has two lines of text "Luminor Panerai" and the bottom part of the dial shows "Marina Militare". The 202/A is often referred to as being a "four-liner" because of the text on the dial. Very few Panerai watches have "militare" in their model name. Besides the 202/A, the most famous watches that have this are the special edition Panerai 36, the destro 217 and the elusive model 267 (only six units produced).

Panerai PVD steel Pre-Vendome 202/A
Click photos for larger version

Some of the 201/A and 202/A watches were produced with a varnish that caused the color of the tritium to change to dark orange. You can see this in the photos. This was actually a fault in the production process of these watches, that Panerai corrected before producing all the units. Therefor only some of the watches have this orange color. Because the color of the indexes/numbers is different than the color of the tritium hands, these watches are referred to as "non-matching".

Panerai PVD steel Pre-Vendome 202/A
The background shows a sculpture by artist Eng Tay

The Pre-Vendome watches have manual wind movements that are housed in 44mm cases. All these models originally came in oak wood boxes. Several Pre-Vendome watches are part of the "Slytech line", referring to the actor Sylvester Stallone. Stallone is a dedicated Panerai fan, rumored to own hundres of Panerai watches - old and new models. The Panerai Pre-Vendome reference numbers are 5218-201/A, 5218-202/A, 5218-203/A, 5218-205/A, 5218-207/A, 5218-209, 5218-210, 5218-301/A, 5218-302, 5218-304 and the 5218-218.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

An iconic Panerai, the 232

The 2006 PAM232 is surely one of the most iconic watches of all the pieces that Panerai produced in recent years. The watch is modeled after the first special edition Panerai, the PAM21 - which in turn was based on the vintage Panerai Radiomir watches.

Panerai PAM232 Radiomir 1938
The PAM232 has a beautiful tobacco brown sandwich dial

The dial may look black in most photos, but it really is a beautiful tobacco brown which is especially apparent under certain light (above photo). The big sandwich dial has large numbers through which the Luminova lights up very bright if charged.

Panerai PAM232 Radiomir 1938
The Luminova lights up in a bright green color

The 232 is a 2006 special edition watch and 1938 units were produced - 1938 being the year in which the vintage Radiomirs of this model were produced. Recently Panerai released a few OOR units. To some that was great news as it meant there was an opportunity to buy the watch at list price, but others feel that it's not so great to produce more pieces of a special edition watch. Because it makes a special edition watch... well... not so special anymore. I personally share the opinion of the latter, although I understand why it makes sense for Panerai to create out-of-range (OOR) pieces.

Panerai PAM232 Radiomir 1938
2006 Special Edition of 1938 pieces

The PAM21 was made of platinum but the 232 is made of stainless steel. The case measures 47mm and it takes 26mm wide straps. The photos in this post do not show the original strap. The movement is a hand-wound mechanical, exclusive Panerai OP X (ETA based).

Panerai PAM232 Radiomir 1938
Click photos for a larger version

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Watch photo publication in Watch Report magazine

Not counting the 2010 Paneristi calendar for Mulliganeers, the new Dutch watch magazine "Watch Report" features my first wrist watch photo publication. The magazine is very stylish and contemporary. In my opinion, it really is a lot nicer than most other watch magazines.

panerai article in watch report magazine
Spread: Panerai PAM28 crown guard

One of the magazine's main articles is titled "De mythe van Panerai ontrafeld" - which more or less translates to "The myth of Panerai unveiled". It is co-written by fellow Paneristi Kristian Haagen (Denmark) and Lex Stolk.

panerai article in watch report magazine PAM28
Page: Panerai PAM28 dial close up

panerai article in watch report magazine PAM326
Smaller photos: Panerai PAM326/PAM327 Titanium Chrono

The magazine is available in shops in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. To my knowledge there's no website yet.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Panerai 5218-201/A

Back in July I photographed a set of the most interesting and sought after Panerai watches in New York for a calendar project. The calendar will be presented in NYC on November the 7th. Calendars can be bought by making a donation to Mulliganeers, all profits will go to this organization. There still may be a few left so if you want to order one of these unique calendars, you can find instructions on paneristi.com - ordering instructions.

One of the pieces and photos that didn't make it into the calendar, is the Panerai 201/A shown in the photo below. The 5218-201/A is also referred to as The Logo, because it has the OP logo on the dial above the six. This is in my opinion one of the most beautiful Panerai Luminor watches. Certainly one of the most sought after ones.

Pre vendome Panerai 5218-201/A - The Logo
Panerai 5218-201/A - click for a larger photo

This "Pre Vendome" or "Pre V" watch was produced in 1993. The term "Pre V" is used for watches that were produced prior to the acquisition of the company by the Vendôme group in 1996/97. According to Paneristi.com, a total of 889 201/A pieces were made. 12 watches were reworked as SlyTech Submersible 5218-201/A, 95 were reworked as SlyTech Submersible 5218-205/A and 105 were reworked as SlyTech Daylight 5218-207/A.

The sculpture that is partially showing in the background of the photo was made by New York based artist Mr Eng Tay. More information about this artist can be found on his website www.tapir.com.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Steel Automatic

Hey hang on, this isn't a Panerai... Please forgive me, being passionate about Panerai doesn't mean that I don't like other watches as well. I was introduced to Linde Werdelin by a fellow Paneristi from Denmark. Linde Werdelin is a relatively new Danish company with a line of very interesting and unique looking wrist watches. The company was founded by Morten Linde (creative director) and Jorn Werdelin (managing director). Hence the name of the company.

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer GMT stainless steel
Linde Werdelin 3 Timer GMT steel / black dial

I borrowed one of their watches for a few days - the 3 Timer - and I have to say that I'm impressed. It's a great looking and - with 3 times zones and a date - a very functional sports watch. The black dial is very interesting, LW call the pattern a "sun ray texture". It is very unique, nothing like the more common hob nail dials or other patterns that you come across.

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer GMT stainless steel
Click the photo for a larger version

The 3 Timer has a bi-directional 24-hour bezel and the GMT function of the watch allows you to keep track of three different time zones.

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer GMT stainless steel
The black "sun ray textured" dial

The 3 Timer is available in rose gold, steel gold and in three different all steel versions: a limited edition of only 22 pieces with a brown dial, an edition of 222 pieces with a white/silver dial and an edition of 222 pieces with a black dial - shown in this post. The latter with its 4,800 Euro price tag, is the cheapest of the all steel versions.

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer GMT stainless steel

Would I be interested in owning such a watch? You bet! I can't wait to have a closer look at a few of their other models.

If you want to see more photos that I took of this wrist watch, have a look on paneristipix.com/Linde Werdelin 3 Timer.

More info about Linde Werdelin can be found on their website: www.lindewerdelin.com.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Panerai cases, dials and crystals

A couple of months ago, the generous people from Richemont in Amsterdam allowed me to take pictures of a set that they have available for shows et cetera. The set contains cases, dials and crystals showing how these look during the various production stages. It contains the traditional Luminor cases, the 1950's style cases and of course the cushion shaped Radiomir cases. The picture of the Luminor cases and crystals (below) turned out to be one of my persnal favorite Panerai photos. I made a large A3+ size print of it on an Epson 3800 Pro that looks really nice.

Luminor cases
Click for a larger version

I lit the above photo with two off camera strobes. I used a SB900 with a honey comb grid directly above the subject and a SB800 at low output power - left of the camera. The crystals in the photo show how these look at the various production stages, from thick and hardly translucent to polished and ready to be used in a watch. It also shows how the dials start out as simple copper plates.

1950's style cases
1950's style case

The above photo shows the 1950's style case - used e.g. for the the Fiddy/PAM 127. It's amazing to see how this case is being machined from a solid block of steel into the beautiful stylish case that it eventually becomes. If anything, having access to this set only increased my admiration for these watches.

Panerai Radiomir style cases
The Panerai Radiomir case

The last photo shows the Radiomir case. Quite different in comparison to the Luminor cases with the typical crown guard for which Panerai is so well known.

Click here if you want to see all 15 photos I took of this set

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

P-Day 8 in Firenze 2009

The yearly Paneristi gathering was held in Florence, Italy this year. The German paneristi crew (Volker, Frank and Thorsten) organized P-Day for the 8th time last September. And they did an amazing job. Well over 100 people from all corners of the world came to Florence to share the passion for the brand that we love so much.

Although the name P-Day would indicate that the event lasted one day, most of the attendees were in the city for 3 or 4 days. Florence is of course one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a special place for Paneristi, the city where it all started.

Here are some of the wrist shots I took in the streets of Florence during the event:

Vintage panerai
Vintage Panerai

Panerai PAM113
Panerai PAM00113

Vintage panerai
Vintage Panerai

Panerai PAM87 and PAM64
Panerai PAM00087 and PAM00064

Panerai Pre A 2
Panerai Pre A 2

To view more of the wrist shots I captured in Firenze, have a look here: "Wrists in the Wild" on paneristipix.com.

All photos © 2009 M.Wilmsen

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A.B.P. Special tannings alligator straps

It's been a while since I last ordered a strap from Atelier du Bracelet Parisien or A.B.P. The last one I bought from them may even have been two years ago or so. I was looking for a dressy strap for the PAM249 and figured I'd order one of their special tannings alligator straps.

PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap
Panerai PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap

The A.B.P. website features a - what they call - "online workshop" that allows you to exactly specify every detail about the strap that you want. Every ABP strap is made to order and to your exact specifications. They'll let you specify the measures but also the type and color of the stitches, the lining, the thickness and so on. You can even specify the number of holes you want punched and exactly where you want the holes.

PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap
Click the photos for a larger version

They offer a huge choice in leathers including some very unusual ones like ostrich, beaver, toad and even different types of fish skins like salmon, sea bass and eel. The specially treated alligator hides are amongst the best you can get. You can get matt, semi matt (antique) and gloss alligator straps - but their selection of special tannings is the most unique. The strap in this post is one of those special tannings alligator straps.

PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap
The strap tapers from 27mm to 24mm

I accidentally ordered the strap in 27mm/24mm as opposed to 27mm/26mm. But as it turned out, that was a very lucky mistake. The fact that the strap tapers from 27mm to 24mm makes it look even more classy. And I could easily fit one of my 24mm strap buckles. You can find this type of leather in the selection "classic leathers, alligator square scales" and then special tannings ACW1. This particular strap was ordered in the length 85mm/135mm and the thickness is "thick and rounded".

PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap
I choose to have a thick and rounded strap

If you need to contact A.B.P. you can rest assured that they are helpful and very friendly. A.B.P. deliver what you order and they will not disappoint. The quality of their straps is just perfect. You can find further information on their website abp-paris.com or you can go straight to their online workshop

PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap
Strap by Atelier du Bracelet Parisien

You can find more photos (36 in total) of this strap combo on www.paneristipix.com.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Celebrating Ten Years of Paneristi.com

In 2010 it will be 10 years ago that www.paneristi.com was launched. To celebrate this, New York based artist Eng Tay decided to create a limited edition calendar. There will be 200 pieces and each calendar will be numbered and signed by Eng Tay. I was honored with the request to shoot the photos of the vintage Panerai watches that are featured in the calendar. The graphic design is done by Arif Sani from Indonesia. The photo below shows the cover of the calendar.

paneristi calendar 2010

In keeping with the community spirit of Paneristi.com, all profits from this calendar will be donated to The Mulliganeers. You can read more about this project on www.paneristi.com.

Get a slick wristwatch and become one of those baccarat players that knows all the baccarat slang and can even win online blackjack or win craps if he has too.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Panerai 1B t-dial

One of the nicer wrist watches that I have owned is the Panerai PAM00001. All the PAM1's in the A-series had a T-dial, the ones in the B-series did not. This particular watch is special in the sense that it is an early B-series watch (1999) - and that it is one of the few that did come with a T-dial (Tritium).

Panera PAM00001 1BT t-dialPanerai PAM00001 B-series t-dial (strap by Justin Chen)

The Tritium paint is quite thick and rounded and it has developed a nice patina over the years, but without showing any signs of deterioration or flaking. One of the things that I did not immediately like when I first came across this watch, was the white sub seconds hand. Its bright white color looked a bit out of place compared to the almost brownish tritium on the black hands. The sub seconds hand is made from plastic that hardly changes color over time. I got used to that real quickly and started to develop a serious appreciation of the watch.

Panera PAM00001 1BT t-dial
Close up of the tritium dial clearly showing the white seconds hand.

The tritium paint of the numbers is much "fatter" than it is on for instance the dial of the earlier PAM00002. You can see this in the below photo of this Panerai 1B next to a Panerai 2A. I would have loved it if the numbers of the 2A were equally fat.

Panera PAM00001 1BT t-dial
1B on the left, 2A on the right. Black strap by Dirk Grandry.

Although the B-series (1998/1999) of the PAM1 has a millesimation of 3,000 units, this does not mean that 3,000 1B's were produced. These 3,000 units were watches of the models 1,2,3,4,9 and 10. Only half of those were fitted with a Tritium dial. I've tried to find out how many 1BT's were produced, but I've never been able to get a definitive answer. Just that it were few, most likely no more than 150 to 250 pieces.

Panera PAM00001 1BT t-dial
You can see that the hands are from the A-series

This 1BT also had the A-series hands. You can tell the difference between A-series and later hands by looking at the tip of the hands. The tritium goes up almost all the way to the end of the hands. Hands that were produced later in time don't have this.

Panera PAM00001 1BT t-dial
t swiss t - close up

Apart from the last close up photo - which I took about a year ago - the ones in this post were the last I took before selling the watch to a collector in Asia.

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