Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Cujo strap by Kaktus Straps

Kaktus-straps are introducing a new strap for Panerai wristwatches. The new strap is called Cujo. The leather is thick but very soft and supple. It has a brown - almost orange - color and comes with either a polished steel or brushed steel buckle.

The pictures below show how some of my photos are used on the Kaktus-straps website and for other promotional purposes.

Here are a few more of the pics that I took for the website, the strap is mounted on my Panerai 1BT. FYI this is a non commercial entry and I took these photos for fun, not for money.

You can order this strap on the website.

Click here to view all the pics from this shoot.

All photos by © M.Wilmsen 2009

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  1. Gorgeous picture, Martin. I really like the color of that strap.