Monday, April 20, 2009

Published photos

June 2010 Several wristwatches, straps and buckles for the Linde Werdelin website

April 2010 Seen through a collector's lens, article in Revolution magazine

January 2010 Italian Calf straps for the website

December 2009 Video on

December 2009 Slaets Magazine

December 2009 SpidoLite article on

November 2009 Watch Report magazine

November 2009 3-Timer in web promotion

November 2009 Paneristi 2010 Calendar

August 2009 Cujo strap photos for the website

All photos © 2009-2010 M.Wilmsen

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  1. Great pics, wonder if I could use these pics to post on my blog? How do I make appropriate reference?


    Thx wristwatch