Monday, April 20, 2009


An overview of entries on this blog about wristwatch straps and strap makers

Alligator strap by Korean strap maker Yunjin Roh
Special Edition wristwatch case by Zeugma straps
Ten more new straps from Simona di Stefano (Mosaic, Gamekeeper, Gator, True Grit, Polar Expedition)
Vissuto straps by Maikel Lau
Ammo straps for a PAM360 by Septimus straps
Simona di Stefano Saddle straps and Nile crocodile straps
K99 strap by Kostas Veni
Vintager Straps by Micah Dirksen
Straps by Julien Landa - Part I
New Kaktus Straps contemporary line
Gunny straps
French military strap by David Lane Design
French ammo strap by Septimus straps
Swiss ammo strap by Septimus Straps
Brushed bridle strap by David Lane Design
Yugoslavian ammo strap by David Lane Design
Lau & Van Leijden dark brown alligator strap
The coolest way to store your straps
Lau & Van Leijden Sienna strap
Straps by Jason & Sharon
Swedish Gustav ammo by Kevin Rogers (PAM127)
Atelier du Bracelet Parisien (ABP) special tannings alligator
Panerai OEM Cashmere strap
The StrapSmith - straps for Panerai by Rob Montana
New vintage crocodile straps by Simona di Stefano
Nineteen strap combos for a Panerai 243
Twenty strap combos for a Panerai 233
Simona di Stefano crocodile straps for Panerai - Vintage green Fiddy strap
Kevin / BigB ammo strap in this entry about composition
New Cujo strap by Geneva based Kaktus Straps
Gallery photos for the to be announced strapworks website
Justin Chen Fiddy strap
Six different straps for a PAM127


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