Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dressing up the TimeZone Officine Panerai forum

The moderator of the TimeZone Office Panerai forum posted that he wanted to 'dress up' the forum with one of my photos and asked if I was ok with that. Hell yeah, of course I'm ok with that! I'm actually flattered. Shameless as I am I suggested 23 photos that I thought would be suitable. Either because there's a lot of detail in the photo or because it's photo that 'oozes Panerai' (or in my opinion at least).

A poll was started and so far the first two photos got the most votes from the forum regulars. A new poll is currently going to make a final choice between these two.

PAM127 aka Fiddy with a Ted Su French ammo strap

Close up of the crown guard of the new PAM28

These are the other photos that I suggested.

If you want to vote: Let's dress up TZOP...the poll :-)

All photos © 2009 M.Wilmsen

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