Sunday, May 10, 2009

Justin Chen Fiddy strap

Just after I sent my Fiddy to Richemont, I received this beautiful strap that I ordered from Justin Chen. I asked Justin some time ago for a strap that was similar to the one he made for me before. That was however a 24mm strap and Fiddy straps are 26mm.
The photos below show the one Justin made for my 24mm watches. On my 243 and on my 233 (you can click the photos for a large version):

PAM243 Justin Chen strap
PAM243 Submersible

PAM233 Fiddy Justin Chen strap
PAM233 8 Days GMT

Justin told me that he didn't have the same leather anymore, but that he was going to do his best to make me something I would like. I've bought two of his straps before and if anything, those were not disappointing. Especially the last of the two that Justin made earlier for me is simply amazing.

Receiving the new strap just after I sent the Fiddy to Richemont was a major bummer, because that strap looked so amazing and now I couldn't try it on.

Justin Chen strap
The new one in 26mm

My Fiddy had a problem with its power reserve. After a full wind, it would stop running after 8 to 10 hours. About a fifth of how long it's supposed to run. But, lucky me, I got my Fiddy back much quicker than I expected. The power reserve problem is fixed and Richemont replaced the hands too as they were showing some corrosion. I didn't notice it myself, not even when taking macro photos of the watch, but they were right.

PAM127 Fiddy
The watch just back in from Richemont, like new and with brand new hands

The strap Justin sent me is just perfect. Some straps are great and some are fantastic. This one definitely belongs in the fantastic class. The color of the strap is just amazing. The thickness is perfect, the color of the stitches is perfect, it's very supple leather and it has the exact right size for my wrist. Can you tell that I like it a lot?

Justin Chen strap
The new strap I got from Justin, waiting to be mounted

Photos and camera settings

Being a total wristwatch photo freak, I took some pictures first. The hands have to be at ten to two of course, so no winding. But the watch is on my wrist and running like a charm now. I took the photos with two SB-900 speedlights in various positions and with various power levels. The camera settings for most of these photos were 1/30th and an aperture of F16. You can click the photos for a large version.

PAM127 Fiddy Justin Chen strapPAM127 Fiddy Justin Chen strapPAM127 Fiddy Justin Chen strapPAM127 Fiddy Justin Chen strapPAM127 Fiddy Justin Chen strapPAM127 Fiddy Justin Chen strap

Justin Chen Straps

Justin is a California based Panerai enthusiast and he makes these straps as a hobby rather than as a business. Justin doesn't have a website but he occasionally posts some of his straps on the accessories corner on If you want his contact details, then feel free to send me an e-mail.

Questions or remarks? Please leave a comment below.

All photos © 2009 M.Wilmsen


  1. Martin,

    Simply beautiful.

    Love the blog!!


  2. Great looking strap, Martin. I would love to get in touch with Justin. Congrats on getting your Fiddy back, nothing like being reunited with a piece that's been out at the spa ;)

  3. just bought a pan243 and already the first site I look at is yours and see I want a strap from do I get a hold of him

  4. Hi Mark, send me an e-mail pls. Justin doesn't have a website but I have his e-mail address for you.