Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PAM28 Luminor Power Reserve SE 2009

The new Panerai PAM 28 Luminor Power Reserve was introduced at the SIHH 2009 earler this year. The watch is a special edition and its production is limited to 1000 pieces. It has an automatic SOPROD 9040 calibre movement just like the original PAM 28 A-series watch. The original 28 was made in 1998 (A-series) and in 1999 (B-series). The case is DLC'd and although it appears to be black in most photos - its color is in fact a very nice dark pencil gray (you can click the photos for a larger version).

When the watch was introduced earlier this year I didn't really pay much attention to it. I'm not a huge fan of central seconds on Panerai watches. But when I was allowed to photograph the watch, I was really surprised by how nice this watch looks "in the metal". I instantly changed my opinion about this watch. It's an absolute beauty.

The 28 has a solid, screw down caseback made of brushed steel and a 2.5mm thick sapphire crystal. The crystal has a magnifying lens (aka cyclops) over the date at 3 o’clock and it has an anti-reflective coating. The watch has a hob nail dial that I tried my best to bring out in the photos.

The buckle is a DLC'd thumbnail style buckle, very similar to the original A-series buckles but with a single screw. The case is - like the original - fitted with normal screws to change straps, as opposed to the new strap changing system with buttons in the underside of the lugs that the new Panerai watches have.

The thing I really don't like about being allowed to photograph these watches is that I have to return them when I'm done taking pictures. I really feel sorry that I completely ignored this watch when it was introduced and that I didn't get myself on a list. It's absolutely a Panerai that I would love to own.

About the photography

I took about 25 different photos of the watch and I made quite a few close ups because I know that many Panerai fans are always interested in seeing the details. The bright blue and the bright yellow backgrounds are shiny foil. All the photos - including the close ups - were taken with off camera flash. The use of two Nikon speedlights sufficed for most photos although I used three speedlights for some of the photos. All photos were taken with a Nikon D700 and a Nikkor 105mm micro lens.

You can see more photos of the new PAM28 on

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All photos © 2009 M.Wilmsen

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