Friday, June 5, 2009

The PAM 104 and PAM 312 compared

Like I wrote in my last post about the PAM104 Luminor Marina Automatic, it would be nice to have some photos to show the differences between the 104 and the brand new PAM312. And that photo opportunity came sooner than expected. Yes, in terms of functions the two are quite similar. But in terms of looks?

PAM104 vs PAM312
The Panerai PAM312 on the left and the PAM104 on the right

Two different animals for sure. Of course the PAM312 (Luminor 1950 Marina 3 Days Automatic) has the new P.9000 in-house movement. But that's on the inside. The most eye catching difference is the brushed steel 1950's case that is used for all the new P.9000 series watches.

PAM104 vs PAM312
The new PAM312 on the left

PAM104 vs PAM312
The Panerai PAM312 in front of PAM104

Furthermore the 312 has a sandwich dial vs a painted dial on the 104. And the PAM312 has a crystal without a magnification window (or cyclops). It has a smaller sub seconds dial which leaves room for the number nine. Strangely enough, I've always felt that the 233 looks better than the PAM270, and that's mainly because it doesn't have the number nine on the dial which makes it look more balanced. But in the case of the 312, I do like the nine being there a lot. It looks just perfect.

PAM104 vs PAM312
The Panerai PAM312 without cyclops and with the nine on the dial

It looks like Panerai created some serious competition for their own PAM104. I've always considered the 104 to be a great looking daily beater, but in my opinion the PAM312 has so much to offer that I do wonder about the future of the ETA based work horse Luminor Marina.

PAM312 specifications

Movement: automatic mechanical, Panerai P. 9000 calibre, executed entirely by Panerai, 13 ¾ lignes, 7.9 mm thick, 28 jewels, Glucydur® balance, 28,800 alternations/hour. Power reserve 3 days, two barrels. Incabloc® anti-shock device. 195 components.
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date.
Case: diameter 44 mm, AISI 316L brushed steel.
Bezel: polished steel.
Back: see-through sapphire crystal.
Device protecting the crown: (protected as a Trademark) brushed steel.
Crystal: sapphire, made from corundum, 2.6mm thick. Anti-reflective coating.
Water-resistance: 300 metres.
Strap: PANERAI personalised black alligator strap and large-size brushed steel buckle.

Technical specifications as stated on the website.

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All photos © 2009 M.Wilmsen


  1. Somehow I think the 104 is more handsome and 312 looks more rugged. For me it's still 104 in terms of looks .. And price

  2. I just picked up my 312 in Florence, the Panerai "mothership". I was torn between the 361 and the 312. Both had the brushed rather than the polished. I decided on the 312 only because it had the date included.

  3. Excellent review. I've been into watches for a long time but only have taken an interest in Panerais now. Hopefully I can get one before the year ends.

  4. 312 is mine since saturday :)
    Quite satisfied

  5. It is mine since monday, love at first sight :)

  6. Would prefer 312 as perfect combination and almost got one on my wrist now if bag was not stolen in Amsterdam last week.


  8. Sell off my pam 229.......bought a Pam 312
    Looks and feel Great.........

  9. I am selling my Pam 312 . Bought from Berrys Newcastle . All boxed with paperwork and receipt . email me at if you are interested . Cheers

  10. 312 and 104 are both great piece......
    Guys looks great when they are worn...really
    Hard to find any wrist time for my other watches

  11. Just bought my 312, coming in the morning. Been looking for the right watch for months and this one just hit me perfectly.

  12. How much is the going rate for previously owned?

  13. where is best place to buy pam312?
    what is good price?

  14. I bought my PAM312 as a celebration of my 40th birthday and my divorce :)

  15. I have just bought a PAM104 and was able to directly compare with the PAM312 before puchase.
    The PAM104 is a much more balanced looking package with a very clear and easy to read dial.
    The ETA action is also fantastic with a COSC Certification. If compared directly the PAM104 still has the edge over the 312 with regards to looks.

  16. I was looking at PAM312 and PAM104 and I find the 104's second hand too big while the 312's sizing of it is perfect. Also, the cyclops is yuck. PAM312 all the way.

  17. I always thought the 104 type case was desirable until I tried on the 312 type case and it was game over. There is no comparison - the 312 is so beautifully sculptured whilst the 104 is just a square block by comparison. Furthermore the sandwich dial is unique to Panerai, and lastly it's got a Panerai movement not some $100 movement you can find on any watch. There's no comparison - those folks justifying their 104 purchase do so because they can't afford the 312, it's that simple.

  18. Once the PAM 104 will be phased out, you'll see all the PAM 312 lovers running back after it, like any previous model of Panerai...
    Old is Gold