Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PAM104 Luminor Marina Automatic

With the introduction of the new P.9000 in-house movement, it may very well be that Panerai stops the production of the popular Panerai PAM104. The PAM104 has an automatic ETA based movement - the Panerai "work horse" OP III calibre and it was first produced in 2002 (E-series). The new Manifattura line however includes the P.9000 movement - completely designed and built by Panerai. This is the new movement that is used in the Panerai PAM312.

Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic PAM104

The PAM104 (shown above) and the new PAM312 offer more or less the same functions, but the two have very different looks. One major difference is that the PAM312 is housed in a 1950's style case and the PAM104 is housed in the traditional 44mm Luminor case. The millesimation database on Paneristi.com shows that production has gone up from 4,000 units in 2007 (J) to 6,500 in 2008 (K). So I guess that the two can exist along side each other quite easily.

Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic PAM104

I took these photos of the PAM104 recently and I'm hopeful to be able to post some photos of the new PAM312 soon. A few comparison shots - highlighting the differences between the PAM104 and the new PAM312 would definitely be interesting. The 104 is a watch that can still go a long way in my opinion.


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