Sunday, June 21, 2009

PAM328 and PAM329 - P.9000 models with bracelet

The last two Panerai watches of the new P.9000 series that I photographed are the PAM328 and the PAM329. Basically, the PAM328 is the same watch as the PAM312 - but with a bracelet. The same is true for the PAM329 which is the same as the PAM320, apart from the bracelet. The difference between the 328 and the 329 is that the 329 has a GMT function and so it has the P.9001 Manifattura movement as opposed to the P.9000 movement that powers the Panerai 328.

Panerai PAM328 and Panerai PAM329
The new PAM328 on the left next to the PAM329 on the right

The new bracelet design is very nice. I've read several posts from people on the watch boards about how they did or did not prefer the new bracelet compared to the old Panerai bracelet. The older design bracelet was a design unique to Panerai. The newer style bracelet is perhaps not as unique, but I do think that it is very sleek looking and more comfortable to wear. One of the attractive features of Panerai watches is that you can easily change straps yourself. This is obviously not the case with these bracelet models and - as far as I know - it's not possible to remove the bracelet if you would want to wear a strap on the watches either.

Panerai PAM328 and Panerai PAM329
PAM329 (L) and PAM328 - the sandwich dials show clearly in this photo

You can see in the photo below that the PAM329 Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic (on the right) is the same watch as the PAM320 on the left. The only difference is that the 320 has a brown crocodile strap. The 320 has the new Panerai strap changing system which makes it very easy to change the strap without a screw driver. There's a small push button on the underside of the lugs to release the strap pin.

Panerai PAM320 and Panerai PAM329
PAM320 (L) and PAM329

The same is obviously true for the difference between the PAM312 and the PAM328. The only difference here is that the 312 comes with a black crocodile strap with off-white stitches.

Panerai PAM312 and Panerai PAM328
PAM312 (L) and PAM328

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  1. hihi r u saying that one cant have the option of having the leather strap n buying the bracelet as an option?

  2. own a 328 and i've personally swap between leather and metal all you do is remove two metal spacer's when attaching the leather strap.Easy peasy lemon squeezy

  3. they look simple very nice since whatever has been your point of view, it looks amazing I think that I am going to get one as much soon as possible would be, Moreover, I really believe that fits on me.

  4. It is definitely a piece of cake to change the metal straps for a leather strap! With any PAM, and certainly als with the 352, 328 or 329 ...