Monday, June 15, 2009 - the unofficial paneristi photo database

As a frequent visitor of several watch boards and being a fan of wrist watch photography, I thought it was such a shame that all of those photos seem to disappear into the black hole of the web after a while. Often I remembered seeing for instance photos of how a certain strap looks on a certain Panerai watch - but then I wasn't able to find it when I wanted to see it again. That's why - in April 2008 - I decided to build a searchable database to store and organize all those photos. I never had - and don't have - commercial intentions whatsoever and I only started the database for the aforementioned reason.
Screenshot of the website

Everyone can register on the site to upload their own photography and one doesn't have to register at all to search or browse the database. The database is also intended as a central resource for members that want to post their photos on the watch boards (e.g. and So it offers free image hosting as well. A large number of (mostly) Paneristi have registered over time and the database now contains well over 6,000 photos by quite a few contributors from all over the world. Of course I've been so fortunate to have been allowed to take photos of many Panerai watches are not even on the market yet, and the database contains all of those photos too.

The website offers a full text search function that allows you to search for Panerai models or watches with a certain function, but also to view for instance all the photos about straps from a particular maker or in a particular style etc. For instance all the straps made by Ted Su, all shark straps or all panerai watches with a GMT function and so on.

I have built galleries for each Panerai model, for several after market strap makers and galleries showing various strap combinations for particular Panerai watches. The galleries contain photos taken by different people from all over. The photo below (taken by N.Martinez from Spain) is an example of one of the photos in a gallery showing twenty different strap combos for the PAM232. Click the photo to view the complete gallery with 20 different strap combos for this particular Radiomir.

Simona honey croc on a PAM232. Photo © N.Martinez

You can click the photo below to view a gallery with 28 different strap combinations for the Panerai PAM233.

Ted Su French ammo strap on a PAM233. Photo © M.Wilmsen

I have furthermore built galleries for all of the Panerai models (or at least the ones for which there are photos in the database) in different groups. For example Historic models, Manifattura models, Special editions and so on.
Screenshot of the special editions galleries start page

Many Paneristi were very enthusiastic about this idea but for those that don't want to upload and keyword photos themselves I've asked for their permissions to copy their photos from the boards and to store the photos in the database. Registered users can upload photos one at a time themselves and those that are regular uploaders can request an FTP account that allows them to upload many photos at once. Members can add information about the photo themselves but the system also automatically adds relevant information about the watch if the file name starts with the formal PAM code consisting of the letters PAM followed by the five digit model number. For instance PAM00233_myphoto.jpg for the Panerai 233. The system will automatically add all the model information to the keywords of the photo based on that model number.

A screen shot of the search results page

The database contains some very nice photos and is becoming a great resource for information re Panerai and after market straps. You are invited to have a look and to perhaps contribute your own photos. If you are a regular poster on the boards I will regularly grant upload permissions on your account within a day or so. You are of course just as welcome to use and search the database if you don't want to register and/or contribute. Of course all the photos are copyright protected by their owners and it is not allowed to use their photos without their written permission.

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  1. Wow, nice work Martin. Real labour of love. Stumbled upon this when I was checking your pix to see where they were hosted. Will be contributing my humble shots here too. I particularly like to show lesser known strap makers, some from Singapore. Cheers.