Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New vintage style crocodile straps by Simona di Stefano

Well known strap maker Simona di Stefano (Florence, Italy) has recently introduced her new style vintage croc straps. I can't deny that I'm a long time fan of Simona's straps and her new ones do not disappoint.

Simona vintage croc straps
Simona vintage style crocodile straps

Simona vintage croc straps
Simona's tan crocodile strap

The croc straps can be ordered with "cut edges" or with so called "rolled edges". In case you don't know the difference: the edges of the latter (rolled edges) are folded and thus rounded. This obviously requires more leather but the result is really nice.

Simona vintage croc straps
Panerai PAM243 submersible

The cut edge straps (in this post) are less expensive. Lucky me - because in my opinion the ones with cut edges offer a perfect balance between dressy and casual. It's just a matter of taste of course but the good thing is that you can choose your style. The cut edge versions are a perfect match for my PAM243 (photo above).

Simona vintage croc straps
Simona vintage croc strap

And the new vintage straps do look equally nice on the more dressy PAM233 (below).

Simona vintage croc straps
Panerai PAM233

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You can order Simona's straps on her website:

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