Saturday, August 29, 2009

Panerai OEM Cashmere strap

One of the nicest OEM straps ever made by Panerai must be the OEM Cashmere strap. This strap originally came with the Panerai 127 (Fiddy). Some straps look great when new, but age horribly. With this strap it's the other way around - the more it's worn, the better it looks. The cashmere strap has an amazing texture and the quality - as is the case with most OEM straps - is unrivaled. It is a bit thicker than most other OEM straps and it's very comfortable to wear.

Looking for a great combo for the 249, the Fiddy cashmere strap immediately came to mind. Both the 249 and the 127 (Fiddy) are 47mm watches that take 26mm wide straps. So the straps can be exchanged. This is definitely one of the nicer 249 combos (photo below, click for a larger version).

Panerai PAM249 California dial - on OEM cashmere strap
Panerai PAM249 aka Cali (California dial)

About the photo

To bring out the texture and "glow" of the strap, I used a dialed down and snooted SB800 and pointed it at the strap from the camera's low right. To bring out the detail in the crystal I aimed a second strobe at a sheet of white cardboard above the watch. The diffused light on the crystal (or plexi actually) is bounced light coming from the cardboard. This helps to prevent hot spots from the strobes. A third strobe was positioned on the camera's left with a very low output to create some depth.

Panerai PAM127 Fiddy - on OEM cashmere strap
Panerai PAM127 aka Fiddy

The photo above shows the original combo, the cashmere strap belongs to the PAM127/Fiddy. The strap is darker now from wearing it regularly.

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All photos © 2009 M.Wilmsen

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