Sunday, August 23, 2009

The StrapSmith - straps for Panerai

Besides the OEM Panerai straps, there are plenty of strap makers to choose from if you want to dress up or dress down your Panerai watch. One of the more well known strap makers is Rob Montana - The StrapSmith. Being a Panerai enthusiast himself, Rob knows like no other what to expect from a good strap. And that shows in his work. Rob's straps are hand made and he is an absolute pleasure to deal with. But what counts the most is of course the quality of his product. I can guarantee that there's absolutely nothing wrong when it comes to that.

The StrapSmith / Rob Montana strap for a PAM00000
PAM0 with a strap by Rob Montana - The StrapSmith

My approach to judging the quality of a strap is to look at things that I don't like about other straps. For instance, I don't like it if the loops are too wide so that you have to fiddle with the screws to mount it on the watch. I don't like it when the strap doesn't properly fit between the lugs - especially if a strap isn't wide enough... And a strap must of course be comfortable to wear. In my honest opinion, Rob's straps are perfect in every way. You should absolutely consider getting one!

The StrapSmith / Rob Montana strap for a PAM00000
The strap compliments the Zero really well

This particular strap is a beautiful shade of brown. It came with a single wide keeper and a sewn in polished steel buckle. The keeper is stitched on the inside in the shape of a cross. Granted, you don't see that when you wear it - but details like that can really put a strap above the rest. The color of the stitches both matches the leather and the paint of the dial very well.

The StrapSmith / Rob Montana strap for a PAM00000
The strap comes with a single wide keeper

You can order one of Rob's straps on his website and you can find a few more photos of this combo on

The StrapSmith / Rob Montana strap for a PAM00000
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  1. I agree, Rob's straps are killer!

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  3. You should also have a look at Bas and Lokes Straps are pretty amazing. I own a few of them.