Sunday, September 20, 2009

A.B.P. Special tannings alligator straps

It's been a while since I last ordered a strap from Atelier du Bracelet Parisien or A.B.P. The last one I bought from them may even have been two years ago or so. I was looking for a dressy strap for the PAM249 and figured I'd order one of their special tannings alligator straps.

PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap
Panerai PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap

The A.B.P. website features a - what they call - "online workshop" that allows you to exactly specify every detail about the strap that you want. Every ABP strap is made to order and to your exact specifications. They'll let you specify the measures but also the type and color of the stitches, the lining, the thickness and so on. You can even specify the number of holes you want punched and exactly where you want the holes.

PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap
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They offer a huge choice in leathers including some very unusual ones like ostrich, beaver, toad and even different types of fish skins like salmon, sea bass and eel. The specially treated alligator hides are amongst the best you can get. You can get matt, semi matt (antique) and gloss alligator straps - but their selection of special tannings is the most unique. The strap in this post is one of those special tannings alligator straps.

PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap
The strap tapers from 27mm to 24mm

I accidentally ordered the strap in 27mm/24mm as opposed to 27mm/26mm. But as it turned out, that was a very lucky mistake. The fact that the strap tapers from 27mm to 24mm makes it look even more classy. And I could easily fit one of my 24mm strap buckles. You can find this type of leather in the selection "classic leathers, alligator square scales" and then special tannings ACW1. This particular strap was ordered in the length 85mm/135mm and the thickness is "thick and rounded".

PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap
I choose to have a thick and rounded strap

If you need to contact A.B.P. you can rest assured that they are helpful and very friendly. A.B.P. deliver what you order and they will not disappoint. The quality of their straps is just perfect. You can find further information on their website or you can go straight to their online workshop

PAM249 with ABP special tannings alligator strap
Strap by Atelier du Bracelet Parisien

You can find more photos (36 in total) of this strap combo on

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  1. That might just be the most beautiful strap i have seen

  2. It's really funny how you can choose everything about the watch you're going to buy specifically.

    Harry Simitian -

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  4. Martin, when are we going to get more of your great photos to buy, get all your images available at imagekind, please. What about shots of a Pam 214? Your work is wonderful.

  5. Are you sure it's ACW1? That one looks black (like charcoal). The ACW2 is more brown. Can you take a look as I want to get a similar strap. Thanks.

  6. Do these straps have A.B.P logo on them? Thanks.

  7. I have not seen the other side of these straps.Do these straps have ABP logo on them? Thanks.