Monday, October 26, 2009

Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Steel Automatic

Hey hang on, this isn't a Panerai... Please forgive me, being passionate about Panerai doesn't mean that I don't like other watches as well. I was introduced to Linde Werdelin by a fellow Paneristi from Denmark. Linde Werdelin is a relatively new Danish company with a line of very interesting and unique looking wrist watches. The company was founded by Morten Linde (creative director) and Jorn Werdelin (managing director). Hence the name of the company.

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer GMT stainless steel
Linde Werdelin 3 Timer GMT steel / black dial

I borrowed one of their watches for a few days - the 3 Timer - and I have to say that I'm impressed. It's a great looking and - with 3 times zones and a date - a very functional sports watch. The black dial is very interesting, LW call the pattern a "sun ray texture". It is very unique, nothing like the more common hob nail dials or other patterns that you come across.

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer GMT stainless steel
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The 3 Timer has a bi-directional 24-hour bezel and the GMT function of the watch allows you to keep track of three different time zones.

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer GMT stainless steel
The black "sun ray textured" dial

The 3 Timer is available in rose gold, steel gold and in three different all steel versions: a limited edition of only 22 pieces with a brown dial, an edition of 222 pieces with a white/silver dial and an edition of 222 pieces with a black dial - shown in this post. The latter with its 4,800 Euro price tag, is the cheapest of the all steel versions.

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer GMT stainless steel

Would I be interested in owning such a watch? You bet! I can't wait to have a closer look at a few of their other models.

If you want to see more photos that I took of this wrist watch, have a look on Werdelin 3 Timer.

More info about Linde Werdelin can be found on their website:

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  1. Nice! Very cool photos and I agree with your article!

    I just got an e-mail from LW that my brown 3-Timer is being Fed-Ex'ed to me :)

    I have written a review on the 3-Timer (prototype that I got) earlier on


  2. A watch brand of the futur, i love the concept