Sunday, November 1, 2009

Panerai 5218-201/A

Back in July I photographed a set of the most interesting and sought after Panerai watches in New York for a calendar project. The calendar will be presented in NYC on November the 7th. Calendars can be bought by making a donation to Mulliganeers, all profits will go to this organization. There still may be a few left so if you want to order one of these unique calendars, you can find instructions on - ordering instructions.

One of the pieces and photos that didn't make it into the calendar, is the Panerai 201/A shown in the photo below. The 5218-201/A is also referred to as The Logo, because it has the OP logo on the dial above the six. This is in my opinion one of the most beautiful Panerai Luminor watches. Certainly one of the most sought after ones.

Pre vendome Panerai 5218-201/A - The Logo
Panerai 5218-201/A - click for a larger photo

This "Pre Vendome" or "Pre V" watch was produced in 1993. The term "Pre V" is used for watches that were produced prior to the acquisition of the company by the Vendôme group in 1996/97. According to, a total of 889 201/A pieces were made. 12 watches were reworked as SlyTech Submersible 5218-201/A, 95 were reworked as SlyTech Submersible 5218-205/A and 105 were reworked as SlyTech Daylight 5218-207/A.

The sculpture that is partially showing in the background of the photo was made by New York based artist Mr Eng Tay. More information about this artist can be found on his website

Photo © 2009 M.Wilmsen, do not copy or use photos without permission.


  1. Oh no,of all watches logo didn't make it!
    mine grail...who to blame for this Martin :-)
    What is on july page,please tell me...can't wait for my copy!

    Great work Martin!

    Best regards

  2. Too funny man. Sorry - you'll have to wait a bit more... Cool that you bought a calendar!
    - Martin -

  3. OK if 201a didn't make it into calendar maybe somehow manage to
    Eng's little present ;-)

    please please tell me now



  4. hi.. i am wondering how much are they now on the market (roughly)? i have one. thank you very much. - jennifer

  5. Depends on many things, but if it's complete and in good condition it may be very well be in the 25k-35k USD range.

  6. What would the market price range be today?

    1. You can check or perhaps to get an idea.