Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Watch photo publication in Watch Report magazine

Not counting the 2010 Paneristi calendar for Mulliganeers, the new Dutch watch magazine "Watch Report" features my first wrist watch photo publication. The magazine is very stylish and contemporary. In my opinion, it really is a lot nicer than most other watch magazines.

panerai article in watch report magazine
Spread: Panerai PAM28 crown guard

One of the magazine's main articles is titled "De mythe van Panerai ontrafeld" - which more or less translates to "The myth of Panerai unveiled". It is co-written by fellow Paneristi Kristian Haagen (Denmark) and Lex Stolk.

panerai article in watch report magazine PAM28
Page: Panerai PAM28 dial close up

panerai article in watch report magazine PAM326
Smaller photos: Panerai PAM326/PAM327 Titanium Chrono

The magazine is available in shops in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. To my knowledge there's no website yet.

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Photos © 2009 M.Wilmsen

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