Sunday, December 6, 2009

Straps by Jason & Sharon

Most Panerai strap makers are passionate Panerai collectors that started out making straps for their own watches as a hobby. Liang Yu Chang - better known as Jason amongst Paneristi - is no exception to this rule. He was introduced to the brand by his friend and well known strap maker Ted Su in 2003. Inspired by Ted's straps, Jason started to make his own straps in 2005.

PAM243 Jason & Sharon Panerai straps
Panerai PAM243

Sharon thought that Jason should start selling his straps and with the improvements suggested by their first local customers in Singapore - they now make good quality and affordable straps for customers all over the world. The quality of the leather is great - sourced from a tannery in Italy with 3rd generation experience. The alligator and crocodile hides are from a local (Singapore) tannery that also supply to Prada and Hermes.

PAM2 Jason & Sharon Panerai straps
Panerai 2A

Jason asked me to shoot a few photos for the Jason & Sharon website - which I did this weekend. I'm not done yet but I've uploaded the first results (21 photos) to

Buckles Jason & Sharon Panerai straps
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I have to say that I had never seen any of their straps in person before, but the quality looks great. The leather has a nice grain, it's quite soft to the touch and the stitching is flawless. Seems to me that the balance between price and quality is excellent.

Buckles Jason & Sharon Panerai straps

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