Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The new 8 days Radiomir - Panerai 346

Another new Radiomir that Panerai introduced at this year's SIHH is the Panerai PAM346. My head tells me that the special edition PAM339 should be my favorite of the new line up. But the combination of a titanium case, gold hands, a tobacco brown dial and a hand wound movement with an 8 day power reserve forces me to choose with my heart instead. For the new PAM346. This watch is such a stunning and functional piece - a perfect watch for daily use.

Panerai PAM346 Radiomir 8 days
Panerai PAM346 Radiomir 8 Days

I'm sure that many die hard Panerai followers will question the fact that the watch has a cyclops above the date window - most likely one of the reasons for the PAM268 not being that popular within this group. As much as I love the so called base watches (no sub seconds, no date) - I like watches with a date function too. And imo the so called cyclops actually looks good on some watches, definitely on this new 346.

Panerai PAM346 Radiomir 8 days
Radiomir 8 Days case back

The PAM346 is powered by Panerai's in-house P.2002/9 Calibre. The base of this hand-wound movement is the same as the movement that is used in e.g. the PAM233 and PAM268. But this version has been changed to accommodate a power reserve indicator on the back of the watch - as opposed to the horizontal power reserve indicator (aka the fang) on the dial of the 233 and 268. You can see the indicator in the above photo.

Panerai PAM346 Radiomir 8 days
Panerai PAM346 Radiomir 8 Days

Panerai previously sold its watches under the categories historic, contemporary and manifattura. The latter was used to group the watches with the in-house movements built by Panerai. Things have changed a bit this year and so the PAM346 is part of the historic line, where it previously would have been part of the Manifattura line because of its in-house movement. All Panerai watches with a hand-wound mechanical movement - in-house or sourced from other parties - are now called historic. The reasoning behind this change over isn't clear to me but I'm sure it will make sense one day.

All photos © M.Wilmsen 2010 - taken at the SIHH in Geneva. More photos on - PAM346.

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