Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Panerai Submersible 24A

Some collectible Panerai watches can still be had for a reasonable price. The early Panerai submersible PAM24 is such a wristwatch. Although the PAM24 is still in production, the A,B and C series are special because these models have an all-polished bezel. The A-series (1998) was the first Vendome submersible and had a t-dial (tritium). The current production is fitted with a Luminova dial and it has a bezel with marks between the 12 o'clock and the 3 o'clock position.

Panerai 24A Submersible polished bezel
Panerai Submersible PAM24 A-series

A known issue with the early submersible PAM24 is that the tritium on the skeleton hands may start to crack and even flake. This isn't necessarily a problem, in fact it adds character. This doesn't occur on just the PAM24, I've seen it on other older models with skeleton tritium hands as well.

Panerai 24A Submersible t-dial
The 24 has skeleton hands and a t-dial

Panerai produced 1,500 units in the A,B and C series. So there are 4,500 pieces in total with a polished bezel and a t-dial. From D and onwards Panerai produced another 12,200 units of the PAM24 for a total of 16,700 watches. That's an impressive number if you consider the limited production runs that Panerai are known for. The PAM24 is of course one of the longest running Panerai models.

Panerai 24A Submersible polished bezel
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You can find more photos of this PAM24A on paneristipix.com.

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  1. these pictures are even better than your previous attempts, if that is possible ciaoo

  2. Hah I know the feeling but also... :-(

  3. Hi Martin
    Do you know when the PAM 24 was switched to luminova "L Swiss L" rather than tritium "T Swiss T" -- which series is the last to have the tritium?
    Many thanks if you know.
    Kyle @Perpetuelle

  4. Hi, not 100% sure but I do know that I've seen a PAM24 F-series that still had a t-dial. And to my knowledge C was the last year that the 24 was made with a polished bezel without markers.