Monday, March 15, 2010

PAM355 Radiomir GMT Alarm 42mm

One of this year's new Panerai watches is the PAM355. Not your typical Panerai. First of all it doesn't have a 44mm or bigger case. It doesn't have that signature crown guard of the Luminors. And it doesn't have that large onion shaped crown that the Radiomirs have. Well no, it has two. And it is definitely a Panerai and a great looking one too!

Panerai PAM355 Radiomir GMT Alarm 42mm
PAM355 Panerai Radiomir GMT Alarm 42mm

The PAM355 has a hand-wound mechanical (huh, hang on...) OP XXIV movement that offers a lot of functions; hours, minutes, seconds, date, a second time zone and an alarm. Not bad to have all of that in a 42mm case. It is actually a new version of the PAM98 which dates back to 2001. That watch had an automatic Girard-Perregaux caliber. The PAM355 however has Panerai's OPXXIV movement.

The picture I took of the caseback puzzled me when I realized that Panerai lists the 355 as a watch with a hand wound mechanical movement, but the watch seems to have a rotor... (see below photo). So clearly it's an automatic movement. I have tried to find out more about this particular movement but there's not much information to be found. Interesting...

Panerai PAM355 Radiomir GMT Alarm 42mm caseback
Caseback showing what appears to be a rotor?

The PAM355 comes with a brown alligator strap with white stitches. It's a very nice dress watch.

Panerai PAM355 Radiomir GMT Alarm 42mm caseback
PAM355 - click photos for a larger version

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