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Radiomir PAM323 and PAM268 compared

The Panerai Radiomir PAM323 - Radiomir 10 Days GMT - was introduced at the SIHH in Geneva in January this year. I posted the live pictures that I took of this watch at the fair earlier. You can view that post here: PAM323 Radiomir 10 Days GMT.

Panerai PAM323 Radiomir 10 Days GMT
Panerai PAM323 Radiomir 10 Days GMT

Last week I was able to borrow both the new PAM323 (not available in stores yet) and the Radiomir PAM268, so that I could get some shots of the two watches together. Which I thought would be interesting because both watches are housed in a Radiomir case, both have an in-house movement with a long power reserve and both watches have a pr indicator on the dial.

Panerai PAM323 Radiomir 10 Days GMT and Panerai PAM268 Radiomir 8 Days GMT
Panerai PAM323 next to the PAM268 on the right

There are quite a few other similarities when it comes to the appearance of these Radiomirs. For instance a 12 hour GMT function which allows you to hide the GMT hand underneath the hour hand, a date function and a small subseconds dial with a day/night indicator (dot) at the 9 o'clock position. And both watches only have a 12 and 6 on their sandwich dial. As we know from for instance the 270, 320 and the new 351, having a small sub seconds dial doesn't mean that the number nine has to be omitted because of it. So not having the 9 on the dial is simply a design decision. A dial that has sub seconds looks more balanced without the nine in my opinion - although it doesn't look bad at all on for instance the PAM270.

Panerai PAM323 Radiomir 10 Days GMT
Panerai PAM323 Radiomir 10 Days GMT

The PAM323 has the Panerai in-house P.2003/50 movement. This is an automatic movement with a power reserve of 10 days. Besides the difference in case sizes - the 323 is 47mm and the 268 is 45mm - the circular power reserve indicator on the dial is the most obvious visual difference.

Panerai PAM323 circular power reserve indicator
The new style circular power reserve indicator

To my knowledge, it is also the first time that Panerai uses a true circular power reserve indicator. Similar indicators have been used before, but this indicator is really a full circle as opposed to the partial (more half circle) ones used previously on for instance the PAM90. Furthermore the new 323 does not have a magnification lens (cyclops) above the date which the 268 does have.

Case backs of the 268 and the 323
The case back of the PAM268 (left) and the PAM323

The movement of the PAM268 is a hand-wound movement (P.2002/3) with a power reserve of 8 days. As you can see in the above photo the 268 doesn't have the rotor that is responsible for automatically winding the movement of the 323.

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