Friday, June 25, 2010

The coolest way to store your straps

Sure, you can store your straps in a shoe box, hell you can just throw 'm in a drawer. But come on, all those nice straps deserve to be taken care of - so how about a cool box to keep things organized. If you're into Panerai then you'll probably have a bunch of ammo straps like I do. And I seriously can't think of a cooler way to organize my straps then this original metal ammo container!

Greg Stevens ammo box for straps
Greg Stevens ammo strap box

The boxes are built from original surplus ammunition containers. They come with a polyethylene foam insert that will hold up to 14 straps and three screw drivers or other strap changing tools.

Greg Stevens ammo box for straps
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If you're interested in one of these boxes, you can find them here:

Greg Stevens ammo box for straps

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