Friday, June 4, 2010

PAM112 Luminor Base 44mm

Like the PAM210 in my previous post, the Panerai PAM112 is a base watch - it has a hour and a minute hand only. However in a 44mm Luminor type case and with a crown guard. The current version of the PAM112 has the same sandwich dial as the PAM210 Radiomir, albeit that that watch is 45mm.

Panerai PAM112 Luminor Base 44mm
Panerai PAM112 Luminor Base 44mm

The PAM112 has been in production since 2002 (E-series) but the earlier version had a smaller and polished crown guard and a painted Luminova dial. It is probably no coincidence that Panerai stopped production of the PAM2 at the same time the company started producing the 112, as the two models would have been very similar if not the same. Which does make me wonder why the 112 was introduced in the first place. By that time the PAM2 didn't come with a tritium dial either. Tritium was only used for the 2A and early B's. From the 2005 H-series PAM112 onwards however, the watch comes with a sandwich dial and a larger brushed steel crown guard.

Panerai PAM112 Luminor Base 44mm G-series
From the H-series onwards the 112 has a sandwich dial and brushed crown guard

The watch is currently still in production and part of the Panerai Historic line. Other regular production base Luminors in this line are the PAM0 with the OP logo on the dial, the white-dialed PAM114, the titanium PAM176 and the destro PAM219. Besides these models that are still in production, there are of course several special edition and discontinued base Luminors. Those are a bit harder to come by and in a different price range as a result of that. All current production base models have Luminova dials, as Tritium is no longer used by Panerai as a material to make the numbers and hands light up in the dark.

Panerai PAM112 crystal case back
The crystal case back and decorated movement

The movement in the 112 is an ETA based hand wound mechanical movement, the OP X calibre. It has a 56 hour power reserve. There's a swan's neck regulator for a simple and effective way of fine tuning its rate. The case back shows the Cotes de Genève decoration on the beveled bridges.

Panerai PAM112 Luminor Base 44mm
A closer view of the swan's neck regulator

Most Radiomir watches with a case back crystal have a depth rating of 100 metres (10 bar) - the Luminor base watches however, have a depth rating of 300 metres despite the use of a case back crystal. The Panerai PAM112 currently comes with a black calf strap and a large size polished steel buckle with Panerai engraved.

Panerai PAM112 Luminor Base 44mm
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  1. This is a beautiful watch. Very dressy, but I find it looks equally casual and rugged too when you dress it down some times. I've made a few watch straps for this model before and just made another one this week that made the watch look really handsome. Have a look here for a photo: