Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PAM210 Radiomir 45mm

One of the more affordable Panerai Radiomir models is the Panerai PAM210. The watch has a base sandwich dial in a cushion shaped case, with a large winding crown at the 3 o'clock position. The crown has Panerai's OP logo. "Base" is a term used to describe watches that have only a hour and a minute hand without any further complications. Its strength lies in its legibility and in its simple design. But sadly, the latter is probably also the main reason why there are so many fake versions of this watch. Goes without saying, but really, don't buy fake watches.

Panerai 210 Radiomir 45mm
Panerai 210 Radiomir 45mm

This model definitely shows Panerai's link to the historic models and military roots, as it does resemble the vintage Radiomirs and the PAM21. The 21 was the first Radiomir watch that Panerai created for the general public. The 210 may very well be the closest you can get to Panerai's DNA in this price range.

Panerai 210 Radiomir 45mm sandwich dial
The 210 has a large sandwich dial

The movement in the 210 (Panerai OPX calibre) is a modified ETA 6497 movement and it is hand-wound mechanical. The large numbers and indices are cut out of the dial to reveal the underlying Luminova coated disc, which makes the watch one of the most legible watches around.

Panerai 210 Radiomir crystal case back
The crystal case back and onion shaped crown with OP logo

The case is stainless steel and measures 45mm. The case back has a crystal as shown in the photo above and below. The exposed parts of the movement have a nice finishing, the bridges are decorated with diagonal patterns and have beveled edges. The screws that are visible through the crystal are blued. You can also see the swan's neck regulator which is an adjustment system used to regulate the rate of a watch. This is done by precisely creating return torque for the index using a spring that is shaped like a swan's neck. Hence its name.

Panerai 210 Radiomir case back
The case back with its crystal aka display back of the 210

As is usually the case with Panerai Radiomir watches with a display back, its depth rating is 100 metres. Panerai also offers a 18 ct. pink gold version of the watch, the PAM 231. Besides the difference in the materials used (gold vs steel) the 231 is identical to the 210.

Panerai 210 Radiomir black calf strap
The watch comes with a black calf strap

The PAM210 was introduced in 2005 (1500 units in the H-series) and it is still in production. The watch comes with a really nice black calf leather strap and a large size steel buckle with Panerai engraved.

Panerai 210 Radiomir
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  1. Nice write up Martin. I just picked up a 210 with the gold hands conversion. I put an ABP special tanning strap on it and I am really in love. I can't say I have ever felt this way about a new watch before. It is perfect in every respect.

    Hanging out with Panerai collectors - you start to wonder if a 232 is the ONLY option. Well for me the 47mm 232 simply wasn't. I have wrists smaller than a 10 year old girl and a pocket book to match these days. The 45mm 210 fits perfect much better than a 232 on my wrist. Have I communicated how happy I am???


    Anyway - great job Martin!

    Michael Mehall

  2. Nice! Congratulations Michael, the 232 certainly isn't the only option :)

  3. Congrats Michael. Hope to see some wristshots soon :)

  4. @Rolex watches: don't post comments just to have a link to your site with fake watches please

  5. Hi Michael, I am also looking at the 210 or if I can afford it the 231 (RG). Yes. Please send me some wrist shots too, because I have a small wrist too, and am worried about the size of the 210/231 being too large/dominant. If you say it sits comfortably on your small wrist then I am more confident in purchasing one for myself. Thanks again for your passion! Sang