Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PAM351 Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic

The second watch of the new 44mm line up that I could photograph is the PAM351 Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic. Technically this is the same watch as the PAM359 that I posted previously. In terms of looks it is completely different watch.

Panerai PAM351 Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic
Panerai PAM351 Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic

The PAM351 has quite a few of the ingredients that are highly appreciated by the brand's aficionados; a 1950's style 44mm titanium case, a tobacco brown dial and a set of gold hands. Taking these aspects into account and considering the popularity of the technically similar PAM312 and PAM320 (introduced in 2009) - the PAM351 must have what it takes to become a big hit.

Panerai PAM351 with brown dial and gold hands
The brushed titanium case as seen from the side, note the polished edges on the case back

Perhaps you know these forum posts where people ask "What new Panerai model are you hoping for?". I for one have replied at least a few times saying that I'm hoping for a Luminor with a brown dial and gold hands. Albeit that my dream watch would be a hand-wound mechanical stainless steel base... Perhaps in 2011?

Panerai PAM351 with brown dial and gold hands
The 351 has a brown dial and gold hands

The 1950's style case of the PAM351 is brushed titanium, but its bezel is made from polished steel. In my opinion Panerai have managed to combine brushed and polished surfaces into a great looking contemporary wristwatch. When you think about it, it's quite bold to combine titanium, polished steel and gold hands - but it does seem to work quite well.

Panerai PAM351 with brown dial and gold hands
Panerai combined a titanium case with a polished steel bezel

All Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days watches in the contemporary line up share the same in-house P.9000 movement. This movement is 7.9mm thick, has 28 jewels and ticks at 28,800 alternations per hour. It offers a power reserve of 3 days by use of two spring barrels, as opposed to the 3 barrel models that offer an even longer power reserve. E.g. the automatic PAM270 with its power reserve of 10 days.

Panerai PAM351 and PAM359 case backs
The case backs of the PAM351 and the PAM359 (on the right).

The PAM351 has a crystal case back. In the above picture you can see the case backs of both the 351 and the 359 on the right. The PAM359 has a polished steel case but the case back and crown guard are brushed.

Panerai PAM351 and PAM359 cases
A comparison shot of the titanium case of the 351 and the steel case of the 359

The above screen shot shows the polished steel 1950's case of the PAM359 behind the titanium case of the 351. As you can see the difference in materials used make these watches look very differently.

You can see the rest of the pictures that I took of the 351 and 359 on paneristipix.com.

All photos © 2010 M.Wilmsen - do not use these photos without permission.

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  1. thank you for a very good review.
    what is the difference between a 351 and a 352 besides the bracelet?

  2. As far as I know there is no difference - besides the bracelet vs the strap.

  3. Martin,
    Do you have any of those 351 shots in a size suitable for wallpaper?

  4. If you click on the photos you'll get a 1024 pixel version. I can make a few bigger ones if you want. Send me an e-mail.

  5. Great reviews, good writing, good objectivity. I have one comment regarding the review of the 351: according to Panerai's 2011 catalog, the bezel is "polished titanium."

  6. Thanks and yes, the bezel is polished titanium. That's correct, it's not made of steel.

  7. Hi Martin, I've just got my 351.

    I've also read about the "steel" bezel in Panerai's catalogue,- but some dealers still claim it's steel and that the writing is wrong...Can you verify what's right?

    Charles - Oslo

  8. Congratulations Charles! According to the specs the bezel is polished titanium. I'll try to find some more info for you.

  9. Hi Martin, great blog. Do you know if the PAM 351 comes in a left handed version?



  10. Thanks, and to my knowledge there is no destro version of the 351.

  11. Hi Martin, if I only can buy 1 Panerai, I should get 312 or 351? What's your opinion?

    Thanks so much!
    Jerry from Hong kong

  12. Both are very nice. The most important differences are steel vs titanium and black vs brown dial. I prefer steel myself so personally, I would buy the 312.

  13. Thank you very much!


  14. Just bought it two weeks ago. LOVE IT!!!

  15. Great narrative and photos! I just added a PAM351 to my collection, LOVE IT! But I love my woman who is currently wearing it, even more :)


  16. Great review, I love the PAM111 such beautiful watches!

  17. hi Martin
    Is PAM 351 using a hand made or machine cut case ?