Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PAM277 Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT

The Panerai PAM277 is a special edition watch that was introduced at the SIHH in 2007. Panerai produced only 250 units of this chronograph with its stunning blue dial. I've written it a dozen times before I'm sure, but again - photos really don't do the watch justice. In person, it will knock you of your feet. Whether you like gold watches or not. It has a 1950's style case in 44mm and it is made out of solid 18ct pink gold. The case, the crown guard and the mono pusher button are all brushed but the bezel is polished.

Panerai PAM277 Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT
Panerai PAM277 Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT

In terms of functions or complications, the 277 is essentially the same watch as the ceramic PAM317, the titanium PAM311 and the stainless steel PAM275. All of these Panerai watches are powered by the in-house (manifattura) P.2004/1 movement, a hand-wound mechanical movement with a power reserve of 8 days and a unique complication that allows for a horizontal power reserve indicator on the dial. The depth rating is 100 meters as is usually the case for Panerai watches with a crystal case back.

Panerai PAM277 Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT
The 277 has an amazing blue dial

Furthermore this movement has a GMT function for a 2nd time zone and it has a chronograph function. Most chronographs have two buttons, one button to start and stop the chronograph and another button to reset it to zero. The monopulsante chronograph is operated by just a single button that you press to both start and stop the counter. The same button is pressed again to bring the seconds hand back to zero. Hence the name "monopulsante". The mono pusher is positioned at approximately the 7 o'clock position.

Panerai PAM277 Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT
The mono pusher is positioned at the 7 o'clock position

Besides the already mentioned complications, the watch also has a am/pm "dot" indicator and a seconds reset function. Oh and the 2mm thick crystal is domed, it's the same crystal that is used on for instance the 233 and the 270.

Panerai PAM277 Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT
The 277 comes with 18ct pink gold thumbnail buckle

The PAM277 comes with a brown alligator strap with off-white stitches and it has a 18ct pink gold thumbnail buckle (above). When the PAM277 was announced in 2006 it had a list price of a whopping 31,000 US Dollars. At this point in time you can probably get your hands on a used one if you don't mind spending between 27,500 and 29,500 USD. Or at least that's the price range I came across while searching on the Internet - out of curiosity, not because I have that kind of money of course. But if you do, you get a whole lot of watch for your money with this PAM277.

Panerai PAM277 Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT
Crystal case back

As you can see in the photos, this is a watch that has been worn. The gold shows some discoloration that can be polished out, but since this isn't my watch I left it this way.

Panerai PAM277 Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT
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  1. Very nice pics. Just curious, what do you think of the Pam289? As it is also in pink gold with a dark brown dial. Just wondering about your opinion as I own one.

  2. The 289 is a killer piece. The brown dial probably works even better in combination with the pink gold case than the blue dial of the 277. Sadly I never had the opportunity to take proper photos of that watch. Must be great to own it.

  3. Thanks for your opinion. If you ever come to London, I will be more than happy to lend it to you for some pics :)

  4. Forget the pam 289 and the pam 233
    The killing machine is pam 277 from the awersome dial to
    The complex complications its miles ahead all other watches
    You can go to a shop and buy you cant do that with the
    Pam 277 not a easy watch to find