Thursday, August 5, 2010

Septimus Straps French ammo

The second strap that I received from Septimus Straps is a French ammo. I have bought French ammo straps from a number of different makers and I haven't been disappointed with one to date. There's just something about the leather of those vintage pouches that's very hard to explain.

French ammo strap by Septimus straps
French ammo strap by Septimus straps

It's the grain, the look, the smell, the stains, how it feels on the wrist, the idea that the leather has a history... it's everything about it that I just love. If you're not into the whole strap thing like I am, this must sound a little bit strange to say the least - but I absolutely love 'm and I find myself staring at my wrist a lot when I wear such a strap. Ok, it probably doesn't sound strange, it sounds like I'm nuts.

French ammo strap by Septimus straps
French ammo strap by Septimus straps

The French ammo strap that I received from Septimus Straps is truly amazing. Actually, it is simply the most beautiful French ammo I have in my collection. And I'm saying that because it's not just the leather that's great, it's the whole package. The color of the stitches is perfect, I love the GPF style buckle, the keepers are great... it's just rock solid.

French ammo strap by Septimus straps on PAM2
French ammo strap on Panerai 2A

I received the strap without any holes so that I could make sure that it's a perfect fit for my wrist. Punching the holes was a scary operation but it worked out fine. The strap is a perfect match for my 2A.

French ammo pouch from Septimus straps
The pouch that was used for the strap (picture courtesy Septimus straps)

Fran - one of the two French ristis involved in Septimus Straps - sent me the above picture of the pouch that was used to build this strap. He gave me permissions to use it in this post so that you can see what these vintage pouches look like. Like I already wrote in my post about their Swiss ammo strap, I have all the more respect for the work all strap makers put into their straps, now that I know what these pouches look like. And it makes the prices they charge far more acceptable too. It's all hand work and fine craftsmanship.

French ammo strap by Septimus straps
The strap comes with a sewn in GPF style steel buckle

French ammo strap by Septimus straps
The vintage leather is amazing

The leather of all pouches is not always of the same quality. There are definitely differences from one pouch to the next. It probably depends on the conditions under which the pouches have been stored. The leather of the pouch used for this particular strap is from the sixties and it is absolutely amazing. The leather seems to change color depending on the light. Although this is a thick strap, it is supple and absolutely comfortable to wear.

French ammo strap by Septimus straps on PAM2
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Septimus Straps have a website with further information and photos of other straps:

You can find some more photos of this strap on

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  1. How do I by a strap as I cannot seem to get to a place to order
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  2. Hi, their website is
    I'll send you an e-mail with Fran's contact details.