Thursday, October 14, 2010

PAM114 Base with a white dial

I took these photos of the Panerai PAM114 a while ago. The PAM114 is an unusual Panerai because of its white dial.

Panerai PAM114 White dial Luminor base
Panerai PAM114 Luminor base with a white dial

Like it is often the case, this is a watch that I would never have considered for myself until I saw it in person. The 114 and the 113 (with sub seconds dial) are often referred to as women's Panerai watches. And although I agree that the PAM114 will look great on any woman, calling it a woman's watch is kind of odd. It may actually be one of the coolest base Panerai watches, for both women and men.

Panerai PAM114 White dial Luminor base
The numbers are black with Luminova dots

Panerai first produced this model in 2002 (E series) and it still is in production. According to the millesimation database on however, no units were produced in 2007 (J).

Panerai watches are known for their legibility, because of their size but also because of the Luminova and Tritium that is used to make it possible to read the time in the dark. The numbers on the dial PAM114 however are black. The dial of the 114 has Luminova dots at the position of the hours, to ascertain that one can still read the time in the dark. The painted dial has all the numbers, as opposed to most Panerai base watches that usually only have the 3,6,9 and 12 on the dial.

Panerai PAM114 White dial Luminor base
Shown here on its rubber dive strap

The last photo shows the PAM114 next to a Panerai base watch that is more common, the PAM112 with its large numerals and sandwich dial.

Panerai PAM114 White dial Luminor base
The PAM114 next to the PAM112 (on the right)

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  1. Love my zero, but i actually think about buying a "white PAM" for my next, - instead of a PAM 210 of 183!
    BTW, Nice Pics!

  2. Hello again! I just got a 00114 for a month ago, and i just love it! When i saw it in "real" i just wanna to own it! It's Exactly as You said in this post ;-)
    the PAM 114 is a very special base model that gets a lot of time on my masculine wrist now ;-)

  3. Love the 114...goes well with my 88. I think this is the perfect pair for me, for now :-)