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PAM378 Radiomir Oro Rosa 42mm

One of the new Radiomirs that Panerai introduced this year is the PAM378 Radiomir Oro Rosa. At first I confused this watch with the 42mm PAM336 that was introduced at last year's SIHH. Both are pink gold, 42mm, have gold hands and a small seconds dial at the nine o'clock position. But the new PAM378 has a black dial, the dial of the 336 is brown.

Panerai PAM378 Radiomir Oro Rosa 42mm pink gold SIHH 2011
Panerai PAM378 Radiomir Oro Rosa 42mm

The 42mm Radiomir line up may be somewhat overlooked by many Panerai enthusiasts. The reason being the size of these watches. Many Paneristi simply prefer 44mm or larger cases. To be honest, so do I. But the beauty of these new Radiomirs cannot be denied. They make perfect classy dress watches that will fit nicely under your sleeve. That's not the case with many of the larger Panerai models. The 378 comes with a very nice black crocodile strap and a small pink gold thumbnail buckle.

Panerai PAM378 Radiomir Oro Rosa 42mm pink gold SIHH 2011
The PAM378 comes with a black crocodile strap

There are now four 42 Radiomirs in the Historic collection, three of which are shown in the below photo. The PAM337 has a stainless steel case, the PAM338 has a titanium case, and both the PAM336 and the 2011 PAM378 have a pink gold case and gold hands.

Panerai PAM00338 PAM00337 PAM00378
The three black dialed 42mm Radiomirs - the PAM338, PAM337 and PAM378

The below photo shows the SIHH 2010 PAM336, which is the same as the new PAM378 with the exception of its brown dial.

Panerai PAM336 Radiomir Oro Rosa 42mm pink gold SIHH 2010
The PAM336 (introduced in 2010) has a brown dial

The 42mm Radiomirs in the Historic collection all have the hand-wound mechanical Panerai Calibre P.999. This in-house movement has a power reserve of 60 hours and it is completely manufactured by Panerai. The P.999 was introduced in 2010. Panerai are clearly moving away from third party movements all together. The 2011 line up has only three watches with modified third party movements out of 15 new watches! This is an amazing achievement as Panerai has managed to move into this new direction in a relatively short timeframe. My guess is that there will be no new watches with third party movements at all in 2012.

Panerai PAM378 Radiomir Oro Rosa 42mm pink gold SIHH 2011 case back
Case back with a view of the P.999 movement

The PAM378 has a crystal case back which allows the P.999 movement to be admired in all its beauty. Definitively something that should not be hidden under a closed case back, especially with such a classy watch as this pink gold Radiomir. The screw-in crown has the OP logo on it (picture below).

Panerai PAM378 Radiomir Oro Rosa 42mm pink gold SIHH 2011 case back
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