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Ten more new straps from Simona di Stefano

I've posted several times before about Simona di Stefano's Panerai straps. The last post in February this year was about her new and amazing Saddle straps. These have absolutely been my favorites ever since, I own a black 24mm version for my 243 and a 26mm one for my Fiddy. I've been wearing the one on my 243 a lot and I'm happy to say that the quality absolutely lives up to my expectations as it still looks great and it shows only minimal signs of wear. I think it's worth mentioning that the Saddle straps are now also available with screw-in buckles so that you can easily order the straps with a buckle finish of your choice - including black and brown PVD!

New Di Stefano Straps

This time Simona sent me a number of her other new creations. I'm starting with the Gamekeeper straps. The below photo shows the standard (brown) version on the left and the mustard version on the right.

Simona di Stefano Gamekeeper straps

The Gamekeeper strap has great looking and unique texture. The leather is exceptionally comfortable. As always, the quality of these straps is just great. The straps are clearly made with great eye for detail. The photo below shows the Mustard Gamekeeper strap on a Panerai PAM360. I like how the color matches with the color of the indices on the dial of this watch. I received this strap with a black PVD buckle but it can of course be ordered with other buckles as well.

The Mustard Gamekeeper strap on a Panerai PAM360

The standard version of the Gamekeeper is brown with beige stitches. If you own a Simona strap yourself, you'll probably notice that the strap in these pictures has a new style screw-in buckle.

Shown here on a Panerai PAM00002 (2A)

Simona di Stefano Gamekeeper

Next up are two alligator straps, a burgundy strap in 24mm and a light gray gator strap in 26mm for 47mm Panerai watches.

Burgundy and light gray alligator straps

The inside of the straps have the Simona di Stefano Firenze logo embossed. I own several alligator straps that I bought from Simona over the years and I still believe that no one makes better alligator straps. In my opinion, her gators have the perfect balance between formal and casual looking straps, especially the cut edge versions.

The company logo on the inside of the straps

Below are a few photos of the light gray gator strap mounted on a Panerai PAM127 aka Fiddy. The sample in these pictures came with a bent brushed steel buckle.

Light gray gator on a Panerai PAM127

The edges are so-called "cut edges" as opposed to rolled edges. Gator straps with rolled edges are generally a bit more expensive because it requires more work and more hide, but I personally prefer the cut edges.

This version came with a bent brushed steel buckle

Gator straps come in many varieties and with different finishes. The light gray gator has a semi gloss finish.

The strap has a great semi gloss finish

The next strap is called Mosaic. The leather of these straps is truly amazing, very supple and comfortable on the wrist with a great texture. The picture below shows two different Mosaic straps, the one on the left is called Mosaic Gold and the one next to it is called Mosaic Stone. If you scroll down you'll see that there's also a version called Mosaic Plum and another one which is called Mosaic Blue.

The Mosaic Gold (L) and the Mosaic Stone

The Mosaic Gold is my favorite of the straps in this post. I just love how it looks on the PAM360. Perfect. Like the other straps, you can order these with any buckle in any finish - screw in or sewn in.

Mosaic Gold on a Panerai PAM360

Mosaic Gold with a PVD buckle

Here's a last picture of the Mosaic Gold on the PAM360.

Mosaic Gold - my personal favorite

The strap on the PAM233 below is yet another version of the Mosaic strap, it's called Mosaic Plum.

Mosaic Plum on a Panerai PAM233

Mosaic Plum with a brushed steel buckle

The Mosaic Stone has a very nice light color, one that you don't see often. Great for Summer.

The Mosaic Stone shown here on the PAM360

Mosaic Stone - click the photos for a larger version

The last Mosaic strap in this post in the blue version shown below. If I still had my PAM252 North Pole - with its blue dial, I would have definitely wanted to buy this strap. I can imagine that it will also make a great combination with a PAM87.

The Mosaic strap in blue

Hand stitched straps

The last two top quality straps in this post are hand stitched straps. The one showing in the first picture is called Rooster Cogburn - True Grit and the second one is called Polar Expedition.

Note that these (True Grit and Polar Expedition) are limited and available while stock lasts only. The reason for this is that Steve Bell - who has worked together with Simona - has taken on a full time job. As a result, it is not possible for him to be involved in the complicated production process of these hand stitched straps anymore. I'm going to take the opportunity to thank Steve for all he has done for Di Stefano Straps, Simona and us strap buyers. Thank you Steve, it was always a pleasure dealing with you.

I haven't taken any pictures of these straps mounted on a watch, but I think that the photos clearly show the amazing quality of the leather. The one below is actually the softest strap of all the straps in this post.

Rooster Cogburn - True Grit

The final photo shows the new Polar Expedition strap. The one shown below is 26mm - for 47mm Panerai watches. Like the strap above, this is a hand stitched strap made from the best quality leather.

Polar Expedition strap

There are a few more photos available on

You can order Simona's straps from her new website Most straps are ready made and available immediately. The hand stitched straps are limited.

All photos © 2011 M.Wilmsen - do not use without permission

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