Thursday, December 29, 2011

An opportunity to own a unique Panerai print by Eng Tay and to win a PAM390

If you love Panerai, then here's your chance to own a very unique piece of art, created by well known Paneristi and New York based artist Eng Tay. Eng created a special edition print of the sought after Panerai PAM360. All the funds raised will benefit the Mulliganeers, who help the families of children in sickness and in need.

B&W photo of the 360 print, posted with permission - courtesy of Mike Mellia

If you are not a regular on - which you should be of course ;) - then you may have missed this. But if you are quick, you still have a chance to own a very unique signed and numbered piece of art, to help Mulliganeers and... you also have a unique chance at winning a beautiful Panerai PAM390 which was donated by Officine Panerai!

If you are a Panerai enthusiast and you have a heart, then don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Follow this link for further information on how to donate/buy your unique print:

You will automatically have a shot at winning the PAM390 if you donate for the print. More info here:

New York based artist and Paneristi Eng Tay

Mind you, the PAM390 is not just any old Panerai ;) This watch was released this year (unknown at the SIHH 2011), it is a limited watch with a beautiful brown base dial, beige indices and gold hands. This is already a very sought after watch that sells well over list price because there are many who want one, while only 2,000 units are and will be made. Sadly I haven't had the opportunity to take any photos of the watch myself, but if you follow the above links you'll see a very nice photo of it. Congratulations in advance with your print and good luck with your chance at winning the PAM390!

Monday, December 12, 2011

PAM194 Luminor Submersible 2500m 47mm

Panerai are known for building watches that have "presence on the wrist". The PAM194 fits in that category without a doubt. Not only is its case 47mm, it's quite thick too. A big and very cool wristwatch for sure. But as it's made from titanium, it is in fact much more wearable than one would think.

Panerai PAM194 Luminor Submersible 2500m 47mm titanium
Panerai PAM194 Luminor Submersible 2500m

The PAM194 is a Special Edition G series watch (G = 2004). Only 1,000 units were made and the watch was instantly sold out at its introduction. It has a depth rating of 2,500 meters. Most submersibles have a depth rating of at most 300 meters. There are exceptions, for instance the PAM243 has a depth rating of 1,000 meters. And also a helium valve like the PAM194. To withstand high pressures when diving, the PAM194 has a sapphire crystal that is a whopping 5.9mm thick.

Panerai PAM194 Luminor Submersible 2500m 47mm titanium
Side view of the case, note the helium valve on the right

The PAM194 has a 1950's style case as you can see in the above photo (the case is rounded near the lugs). The indices on the dial are Tritium - a luminous substance that is no longer used - and on this particular watch you can see that it's already showing a nice patina (a yellowish discoloration which is unique to Tritium).

Panerai PAM194 Luminor Submersible 2500m 47mm titanium
Panerai PAM194 Luminor Submersible 2500m

The watch comes with a 26mm rubber accordion strap. The OP logo is embossed on both parts of the strap as shown in the corners of the above photo. The strap is fitted with a large Pre Vendome style titanium buckle.

Panerai PAM194 Luminor Submersible 2500m 47mm titanium
Panerai PAM194 Luminor Submersible 2500m

The PAM194 has the OPIII calibre movement which offers the additional functions date and small seconds. The watch has a solid case back that is also made out of titanium.

Panerai PAM194 Luminor Submersible 2500m 47mm titanium
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