Sunday, February 5, 2012

Panerai PAM384 Radiomir 8 Days Ceramic

The PAM384 Radiomir 8 Days Ceramic was introduced in Geneva in 2011. I did include it in my SIHH 2011 photo report, but I never posted separately about the watch. The reason being that I wasn't happy with the photos I took - I didn't see how dirty the watches were until I viewed my photos at home.

Luckily there was a - very brief - opportunity to take these two photos this January when I was in Geneva for the 2012 line up. The watch deserves more attention than it has been getting. In terms of looks and functions the watch is similar to the - now discontinued - Panerai PAM268. Both watches have the in-house hand wound P.2002/3 movement which offers small seconds, a horizontal power reserve indicator on the sandwich dial (above the six), a date and 8 days power reserve. The differences are of course the case material (ceramic vs stainless steel), the color of the Luminova (ecru vs green) and the date window. The ceramic 384 does not have a so-called cyclops.

Radiomir 8 Days Ceramic

I'm not sure if the watch is already available - even though it was introduced in 2011. I haven't seen any posts on the watch boards about it yet. Contrary to what a few websites show, the PAM384 is a regular production watch. The first production run is 500 units. You can find further details on the website (historic collection).

Radiomir 8 Days Ceramic

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  1. Hey Martin

    It is available as I had to turn it down from the boutique due to lack of funds :)!